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Einfach reinhören! Unser Hit "Can You Feel" ist auch auf den CDs "live" und "I Have A Dream" zu finden.


Thingers Gospel Singers (2010)

1 There is no salvation mp3
2 Amezaliwa mp3
3 Höchste Zeit mp3
4 Rose of Peace mp3
5 Walking in the light mp3 | Video
6 I live and move mp3
7 Elijah Rock mp3
8 May true be your heart mp3
9 Mountains of misery mp3
10 Cuándo es Navidad? mp3
11 Mamaliye mp3
12 Azisenzeni na? mp3
13 Never let me go mp3
14 Open up my heart mp3
15 Go down Moses mp3
16 Jericho mp3
17 Hallelujah mp3
18 The Privilege mp3
19 Holy is the lamb mp3
20 Joshua fit the battle mp3

Thingers Gospel Singers (2002)

1 Use me Lord mp3
2 Begrüßung
3 Come and see the baby mp3
4 Carol of the bells mp3
5 African Noel
6 Only time
7 In a country churchyard
8 For the rest of my life
9 Largo
10 Joyful, Joyful
11 Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel
12 Prayer of the children
13 Amazing grace
14 Lord, hidden into mystries
15 Do less, but do it
16 Sänger-Vorstellung
17 Can you feel
18 Shout Hallelujah
19 He set me free
20 I will follow him
21 Oh happy day
22 Hymn

Thingers Gospel Singers (1998)

I have a dream
1 I just couldn't be contended mp3
2 Hallelujah mp3
3 Oh freedom mp3
4 Fire in the furnace mp3
5 Gospel Maginfikat mp3
6 I have a dream mp3
7 Let us break bread together mp3
8 Thy will be done mp3
9 Credo  
10 Can you feel mp3
11 Can't nobody do me like Jesus mp3
12 Oh happy day mp3

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