Ever annoyed you can't open a Excel file using RISC OS?

!ViewXLS can help you.
It displays some sheet content from Excel files. Even in workbook format.
But only cell content, with some limitations. And no formulas, no objects (like graphs), no outlines, no macros, no pivot-tables, no ...
It allows you to save sheets as TSV (tabulator separated values), CSV (comma separated values) and Draw files.

Tested with RO 3.7, 4.0, 5.0.
Linked with StubsG, so no need for the 32-bit-SCL.
Don't work with RO 3.1 and probably 3.5 and 3.6 too,
buit seems to work with VA5000.

Don't expect to see everything like MS-Excel would show you.
Don't rely on anything !ViewXLS may show you. It may be wrong!

New in version 0.10:

New in version 0.11:

Version 0.10 (29.09.2005) as zipfile (97k).

Version 0.11ßb (03.01.2011) as zipfile (128k).

Development-Version 0.21
It's work in progress, but you may find it useful.
May load XLSX:

Split view:

Some draw objects shown:


Development-Version 0.23ß (17.03.2020) as zipfile (396k).

Last update: 17.03.2020
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