!rRAW is a RAW converter for RISC OS.

It should work with
Canon CR2
Nikon NEF
Sony ARW
Olympus ORF
Pentax PEF
Adobe DNG

New in Version 0.03
Optional JPEG thumbnails and editing.

New in version 0.04
Open CR2 created by EOS 5D IV, 6D M2, 800D, 77D, 1D II, 80D.
Bugfix with some Nikon NEF 14-uncompressed files.
'About this image' shows data from JPEG files too.
Export GPS geolocation from the 'About this image' window by drag-and-drop.

The rRAW preview window with tools and metadata.

rRAW offers a filer like thumbnail window.

You need RISC OS 5 and a lot of memory.

Version 0.04 (24.08.2017) as zipfile (186k).

Manual for Version 0.04 as PDF (1118k).

Last update: 24.08.2017

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